The New Normal

A lot of things are upside down right now. Dealing with this pandemic is very similar to the early days of new motherhood …. its “survival mode”. You’re in pajamas all day, your hair is dirty/messy, you may burst into tears at the drop of a hat, you don’t know what day it is and you don’t know what to expect with each passing day. However, once you make it through  …. it will all be so worth it.

We take for granted all the social gatherings that we are fortunate to attend. It’s so sad that it took something so catastrophic to make us stop and appreciate every privilege that we have. …something as simple as walking out for supplies.

Take this time to reflect and be a better version of yourself. Be kind, especially to yourself  – you don’t have to have an endless supply positivity and it’s okay to go through the motions as they come up.

Life must continue. We must remain focused, strong, creative, productive, brave, fit and absolutely bullish about a brighter future; that is already re-route.

We are HUMANS …. so, when all falls apart, we Stand Up and Stand Strong for ……. The Love of Life !